At the heart of every organisation is ‘revenue generation’. We understand the need to ensure that every legal service performed is billed without omission and every Bill raised is paid without lapse. Many a times work performed is not accounted for by oversight and consequently not billed and those services that are duly billed are not paid up due to lack of follow up resulting in loss of revenue to the legal practitioner.

The Prolegal Nexus software provides Customised header and footer template for instant generation of bills which can be emailed and downloaded at any point. With ProLegal nexus it is easy to check if each and every legal service rendered is duly billed and it also simplifies the process of following up on unpaid bills by sending automatic reminders.


ProLegal Nexus’ reporting tool takes in data from various sources and extrapolates it in tables, and charts so that the information is easier to analyse which in turn ensures better in house management.  

From the reports you can, at a glance determine the number of cases being handled for each Client along with their status and in the case of corporates the cases handled by each counsel. Generate reports to know cases filed every year, cases disposed and revenue earned. The software can be moulded to generate reports catering to any special need of your organisation.