The structure and process of work have undergone a sea-change in recent times due to which corporates and organisations have to navigate an arduous path in their day to day functioning. This also means increased complexities and challenges in the form of :-

  • Lawsuits and claims in various Courts and Tribunals.
  • Statutory regulations and compliances.
  • Legal/ Statutory Notices.

Firstly, most corporates/ organisations have cases pending before various Courts and Tribunals including the Supreme Court, High Courts, Debt Recovery Tribunal, Consumer dispute redressal forum, National Company Law Tribunal, National Green Tribunal, Intellectual Property Board, Rent Authority to name a few which they have to either prosecute or defend. The escalation in Courts as well as Cases has made it difficult for corporates to keep track of their matters across various Forums and Courts.

Secondly, every organisation is required to adhere to a wide spectrum of statutory regulations and compliances. These include, among others, compliances under Labour laws for wages, insurance, provident fund; Tax laws for income tax, GST, sales; Property laws for registrations, rent, licenses. Every such regulation has a different compliance schedule and failure to abide by them attracts penalties and fines. Due to the increased Enactments and Regulations in place now, it has become demanding job to ensure that that all the compliances are fulfilled without fail.

And Thirdly, corporates may receive notices from various Authorities, Individuals, Customers, Vendors etc. It is crucial to keep track of and respond to such notices without any omission which is a big challenge.

ProLegal Nexus has been designed keeping all these vital requirements in mind. ProLegal Nexus is the first of its kind software built to help setup corporates and organisations handle such challenges and complexities with utmost ease. ProLegal Nexus’s intuitive software is designed to monitor all your Cases, Compliance requirements and Notices from one place. You can inter-alia, record case details, status of cases, orders passed, legal tasks/ compliances, update notices received, reply notices issued so as to track your various legal tasks and meet each deadline without fail. ProLegal Nexus will help to get all the necessary details in the click of a button. The Intuitive console helps manage and track everything in a timely and efficient manner.



Prolegal Nexus provides a centralised and efficient medium to chronicle and track a Case from start to finish. You can:-

  • Enter case details such as case number; court name (whether Supreme Court, High Court, City Civil Courts, Tribunals); names of parties, client, opponent counsel with contact details; relief claimed, interim orders passed and next date of hearing in the software when a new case comes up.
  • Upload pleadings and any other case papers.
  • Record dates of every hearing and proceedings of every hearing. This can be retrieved at any time for easy reference.
  • Make entries regarding any orders passed – both interim orders and final orders/ judgments and add links of order copies from the relevant Court website for quick reference.
  • Tag cases of a batch together
  • Enter details regarding professional fees charged, expenditure incurred from time to time.
  • Manage Invoices  generated during the pendency /conclusion of the case.

You can delegate the entering of all such information to the counsel managing the particular case / operation by creating credentials for them in the system.


The integrated software of ProLegal Nexus sends out daily notifications to all users of all the cases that are listed for hearing on the upcoming working day. This includes not only matters before the Supreme Court and High Courts but also cases listed before City Civil Courts, Criminal Courts, Consumer Courts, Debt Recovery Tribunals and the like. The software makes use of the information pertaining to hearing dates already fed into its case management system and cause list published by the various courts to give users a custom generated consolidated causelist of all the cases coming up for hearing. This centralises the process and eliminates the need for maintaining and carrying around separate bulky diaries for every court/ Tribunal.

Prolegal Nexus offers a two pronged approach for cause list management:

  • Users can access the causelist from the webportal while logging into the software.
  • Users will be provided daily notifications of their causelist through the Prolegal Nexus Mobile App (Android and ios Apps).


With the rise in litigation, every Company/ organisation finds itself either at the receiving end of such litigation or finds that it is constrained to initiate legal action for a number of reasons such as recovery of dues or enforcement of its rights. The end result is that companies /organisations have to deal with several legal claims and disputes spread over various Courts, Tribunals and even quasi-judicial authorities with several cases listed for hearing everyday and with each case in a different stage of the litigation process.

Further, every Company/ organisation has a wide spectrum of statutory regulations and compliances with different compliance schedule to adhere to. Due to the increased Enactments and Regulations in place now, it has become demanding job to ensure that that all the compliances are fulfilled without fail. Moreover, Companies/ organisations may receive notices from various Authorities, Customers, Vendors etc. It is crucial to keep track of and respond to such notices without any omission which is a big challenge.

ProLegal Nexus’s intuitive software is designed to monitor all your Cases, Compliance requirements and Notices from one place. 

With the software it is possible to record details of:-

  • type of work / legal service involved
  • the department associated
  • various sub tasks involved in the work date-wise
  • approval, commencement and conclusion dates


The unique feature of Prolegal Nexus is that it offers legal practitioners/ legal departments of companies a medium to oversee and manage their legal work apart from litigation. This includes non litigation work such as Due Diligence, drafting agreements, conveyancing Registrations, Legal Opinions, Notices and Document Vetting to name a few.

With the software it is possible to record details of:-

  • nature of work/ legal service involved
  • various sub tasks involved in the work
  • approval, commencement and conclusion dates
  • expenses, if any, associated with each task



Accessing case files and related documents in day to day work life can be challenging. ProLegal Nexus provides you with a centralised and secure storage space allowing you to store, organize and access case files and documents easily.

With ProLegal Nexus access to your case papers and other legal documents can happen anywhere, from any device – making work more efficient and productive. You can save digital copies of case pleadings, submissions, court orders, deeds, agreements, notices, summons and all related documents for easy reference and retrieval anywhere, anytime.


We understand the need to ensure that every invoice  associated with a service  / operation is tracked without omission and every payment made is accounted for.

With ProLegal Nexus it is easy to track the various charges for a given service / operations and also simplifies the process of managing the paid / unpaid bills for any given service / operation or even for various services by a Counsel.


Prolegal Nexus’s Counsel Information System enables corporate offices to maintain an extensive directory of its Counsels ,handling your various cases / operations, for easy reference at any time. With the software, you can record the name of the Counsel, contact details such as address, phone number and email ids. If the Counsel is an institution, you can, in addition to the name of the institution you can record details of contact person(s) in the institution, their designations as well.

The built-in search feature makes is easy to sift through and locate Counsel details easily.



The Staff Information System is an easy-to-use online filing cabinet that allows you to securely store, search and update all of your employee records.  

Apart from standard fields like personal information you can also add custom data to suit your organisation’s needs. The employees can be given user specific access rights depending on their role and responsibility.



ProLegal Nexus’ reporting tool takes in data from various sources and extrapolates it in tables, and charts so that the information is easier to analyse which in turn ensures better in house management.  

From the reports you can, at a glance determine the number of cases being handled by each Counsel along with their status. Generate reports to know cases filed every year, cases disposed and expenses incurred etc. The software can be molded to generate reports catering to any special need of your organisation.


Payroll management is an integral part of any organisation be it a law firm or Corporate.

ProLegal Nexus provides you the ability to record your staff payroll details and generate pay stubs using the built in payroll management module thereby eliminating the need for any additional third party tool to take care of the same.

With the software it is possible to :-

  • record employee’s salary package – Basic pay, DA, HRA etc.
  • record employee PF contribution 
  • employee account details and mode of transaction
  • generate and save monthly pay stubs